Caused by java io ioexception read only file system

This does not point anywhere useful. Always use a method to derive a root location to write to. For example, you could change this to: File file = new File( getFilesDir( ), " output. File mediaDir = new File( " media" ) ; if (! exists( ) ) { mediaDir. createNewFile ( ) ; mediaDir. mkdir( ) ; } File f = new File( " / data/ data/ com. image/ files/ media/ Voucher. createNewFile( ) ; FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream( f ) ;. Because you are trying to write the file to root, you need to pass the file path to your file directory. Example String filePath = context. toString( ) + " / fileName. txt" ; File f = new File( filePath) ;. public void writeClassName( ) throws IOException{ String FILENAME = " classNames" ; EditText editText = ( EditText) findViewById( R. However, this code produces a " java.

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    System java caused

    IOException: open failed: EROFS ( Read- only file system) " error. I have tried this with and without the WRITE_ INTERNAL_ STORAGE permission. There is no WRITE_ INTERNAL_ STORAGE permission in Android. How do I create this file for writing? You don' t, except perhaps on a rooted. I have this code that generates an XML file and saves to an external directory. try / / database structure { DocumentBuilderFactory docFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory. newInstance( ) ; DocumentBuilder docBuilder = docFactory. Guess / data/ data is not external storage. You need to have root permission in order to write to the / data directory. Refer Data directory has no read/ write permission in Android. FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream( " tours" ) ;. This is not pointing anywhere that you can read or write.

    Always use a method to get at the base locations where you can read and write. If you are looking to write to internal storage,. Try using directory. mkdirs( ) instead of directory.