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You have to delete the entry and insert one back in, with your new values. I' m not sure this is the most elegant way to do it, but the following om Microsoft: This issue is by design, as of the July security updates. This control is blocked as a security measure to help prevent malicious code from running in Office applications. We are working on getting a. Ok finally i found the solution to the problem with the Mac office. The problem is that in the new Version you cannot access files just by default. So added following to my Code: ' Declare Variables? Dim fileAccessGranted. Dim ie As Object Private Sub CommandButton1_ Click( ) On error go to ErrMsg Set ie = CreateObject( " InternetExplorer. Application" ) ie.

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    Visible = True ie. Navigate TextBox1. Text Do DoEvents Loop Until. I have been using this code for over a year and all of a sudden i can not run without getting the Run- time error ' 70' : Permission denied. I have tried just about every thing and all the webs info on this matter that i have found has. お問い合わせ内容 バージョンアップ時やプログラムをダウンロード時に、 「 実行時エラー 70: 書き込みできません」 と出て処理が止まってしまいます。 回答 下記いずれかの理由 で処理が止まっている可能性があります。 ・ セキュリティソフトが. On some of these systems I get Runtime Error 70: Permission denied when my program tries to open/ read from this database. It is of course possible that the Vista and Win7 machines that does not give this error already has it' s UAC turned off. Tutorial: How to automate Excel from VB6 ( or VB5/ VBA). アクセス許可は拒否されました ( エラー 70). office 365 dev account| 最終更新日: / 10/ 09.

    書き込みが禁止されたディスクに書き込みしようとしたか、 ロックされ たファイルにアクセスしようとしました。 このエラーの原因と解決策は次のとおりです。. Generally that one is caused by trying to use the same name twice. Try doing this instead: Sub Example( ) Dim lngIndx As Long Dim ws As Excel. Worksheet Dim shp As Excel. Shape Set ws = Excel. ActiveSheet Set shp = ws. VBA) code that calls the CreateObject( " Scriptlet. GUID function to create a GUID in Microsoft Office applications ( Word, Excel, etc. , ) you receive the following error message: Run- time error ' 70' : Permission denied.